Story Starter Challenge — Miracles Afoot


Teresa’s Story Starter Challenge today is:

Today’s prompt: “I never thought that was possible.”

The world of modern medicine continues to reach new horizons. In the beginning, if a person lost a leg, gangrene was likely to set in and soon after the patient would die. If the patient survived, they would ambulate with crutches, a peg for a leg, or be confined to a rolling chair. As time went on, more realistic-looking prosthetics were developed. As biomedical engineering advanced, high tensile steel flippers put athletes back into the game.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that a medical miracle has been achieved and is being turned loose into the public. With genetic manipulation, humans are now able to grow back their missing limbs. I never thought that was — or would ever be – possible.

12 thoughts on “Story Starter Challenge — Miracles Afoot

  1. I hope one day it comes true… I love the phrase “afoot” like “skulduggery afoot”… I know I’m odd… just love that phrase.

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  2. I would not want to be anything else! It’s the only way to live. I’m proud to be an oddball with you.

    My son wanted me to thank you for liking his Johnny Cash post. He is trying to build up some posts and then start posting more and looking at others.

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