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Nanny Hero

zombie climb

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Fandango’s FOWC is watch, the Word of the Day Challenge is fire, Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are report, nanny, zombies, and Teresa’s Story Starter Challenge sentence is : “Quick! Get in here!”

I still remember Darlene, my childrens’ nanny, with love and thanks. Without her we probably wouldn’t be here now.

Back in the days of the zombie attacks, we were forced to group up in enclaves for self-protection. We chose locations that were protected on as many sides as possible. Our large mansion, owned by the Palahniuk family, had a cliff the house was built over, with the ocean below. It was excellent protection as zombies hate salt water. The house had a water supply (its own solar-powered desalinization plant), food stores, and enough room for a cache of weapons and ammunition. We also made sure we had a good supply of flame throwers and fuel for them, as the zombies hate fire.

Electricity was still on via the solar celled roofing tiles and the bank of Tesla wall-mounted batteries. We were able to listen to short-wave radio zombie alert reports. Everyone watched for the zombies and if any were spotted, we’d report across the short waves to the others listening.

We had a revolving watch, where everyone took their turn with the binoculars. Darlene was on watch for any zombie movement. In the middle of the night, we heard Darlene scream, “Quick! Get in here!”

All who heard ran into the watch perch area. The zombies were working on the radio tower that we used for communications. If they were successful in disabling it, we would be vulnerable. Someone had to stop them. Darlene had an idea. She could zip-line from the top of the house over to the radio tower with a couple of flame throwers. While she slowed them down, we could get our flaming crossbow arrows ready.

We helped Darlene prepare on the roof and thanked her for her bravery and hugged her so very tightly. She zip-lined over as we prepared the arrows.

My youngest son, Wilbur, loved Darlene like a second mother. Wilbur took the binoculars to the watch perch. He watched Darlene blast zombie after zombie with flying flame, holding them at bay. He saw one of the zombies climb up behind Darlene and drag her off of the tower and into the infestation below.

8 thoughts on “Nanny Hero

    1. Well when zombie is one of the challenge words it’s kind of difficult to avoid it being one 😉 Glad you liked it. I went to look for an image for it and found several pics/memes that said “Zombies Don’t Climb” but the story was done by then. Oh well…

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