Finish the Story – The House on the Lake

This story is part of the Finish the Story Challenge that Teresa, The Haunted Wordsmith hosts. Teresa tagged the lovely Sadje of Keep it Alive, who tagged Kristian of Tales from the Mind of Kristian, who then tagged me.

The House on the Lake 

Part One from The Haunted Wordsmith

A house sat perched precariously on the edge of Clearwater Lake. It was a house that should not have stood, yet stand it did. It had been there for centuries and locals swore the same couple lived there the whole time. Locals never knew how right they were until the day the rains started.

“It’s just a little rain,” Susan said, watching the couple pile water and canned fruit into their shopping cart.

The couple looked at the checker and smiled politely. “The rain will not stop,” they said, “we’ve seen this before.”

No sooner had the couple left, Susan but dropped her smirk as locals poured into the shop chaotically looking for food. The once spring storm skies has turned …

Part Two – Sadje – Keep It Alive

……..dark grey, the rain increasing in intensity. The deluge continued for that day and night. By next morning the people were getting very concerned and the shopping for groceries and bottled water increased to the extent that the selves were barren of most edible goods.

Some of the locals were thinking of getting in touch with the couple in the hut to get some information about these rains, because some of them had overheard their comment about the rains not stopping and that they had seen it before.

So a group of the local elders went to speak to the couple, at their house at the edge of the lake. But when they got there they were surprised to see that…….

Part Three – Kristian from Tales from the Mind of Kristian

the couple were missing.

As they searched the house by the lake, the rain continued to fall, splashing into the lake. The wind caused the water to spray against the glass window panes.

Two skeletons were found lying in an upstairs bedroom. The hands were clasped as if they had died holding hands. Next to the body was a leather-bound book.

One of the Elders, Mrs Marianne Penniment, picked up the book and opened it.

The writing inside was elaborate and regal, not like the writing you see now, but like something out of a bygone age, where people wrote with pen and ink rather than biros.

The last entry in the book was telling. It read

“The flood waters are getting higher and we have little food left. There is nothing that can be done now except warn those who come after.”

It was dated April 1869, exactly 150 years before.

The other Elders gathered around as Elder Marianne continued to read from the diary,

it said……..

Part Four – My part.

“When the day of Water Reckoning arrives, Waterfall Giants will come from the sea and go upon the land. The house at the edge of Clearwater Lake is the beacon that will draw them. When Haggis and Harriet are gone from the flesh, the beacon calls.”

In an eerie bit of synchronicity, the moment Elder Marianne said “calls”, an unholy roaring could be heard outside. Running to the window the Elders were stunned to see a wall of 200 feet tall rocks moving towards the house from the sea, spewing out water like waterfalls. They understood they were in a battle for their lives and needed to leave the house before they were washed away.

Elder Penniment grabbed the book. They all ran downstairs and out the door on the opposite side of the living rocks. The water was up around their knees as they exited the house, which made running difficult, especially being elders wearing long robes. They clawed at the fronts of their robes to open them, freeing their bodies to escape. Thanking The Gods the land was at an incline, all of them were able to get to the road and the van. Elder Gaga gunned the van and they sped off towards town to warn the others.

The Waterfall Giants surrounded the house, pouring forth water and roaring the sounds that would soon engulf the dry land with their life blood. There was only one thing that could stop them, and only Haggis and Harriet knew what it was….

OK, I’m asking Paula of Light Motifs II if she will finish this story.


So the rules of the challenge are:

1. Copy the story as you receive it.

2. Add to the story in some fashion.

3. Tag another person to contribute to or finish the story.

4. Please use FTS as a tag so I can find it or link back to part 1.

5. Have Fun!


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