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Lavender Blue

lavender blue

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Fandango’s FOWC is beware, the Word of the Day Challenge is harmony, Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are merchant, danger, lavender, and Teresa’s Story Starter Challenge prompt is “I will fly over the rainbow…”

Gigi had a hobby that kept her busy. She loved collecting music from old movies. There was one record merchant on this side of the state that had the kind of vinyl Gigi was looking for, and that was Ginger Fay at Harmony House (H2) of Music. Ginger had vinyl that people thought was long extinct; the originals that would never be re-pressed because mass demand wasn’t there. As Gigi went to H2, likewise did Ginger constantly scan for sources of these gems.

Gigi called Ginger at 10 a.m. that morning, looking for two particular LPs. One was the soundtrack from, “So Dear to My Heart,” featuring Burl Ives singing, “Lavender Blue”. The other was the soundtrack to, “The Wizard of Oz,” with Dorothy singing both the well-known, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,” and the bonus track, “I will Fly Over the Rainbow.” Ginger was happy to tell Gigi she had both in stock, but only had “Lavender Blue” in a 45.

Gigi hopped in the car and drove the three hours to H2. As she approached the store, she was greeted by the H2 neon sign of two “H”s, fashioned into musical notes forming the roof of a cottage with a heart inside. Gigi smiled, as that sign always triggered a sense of peace and happiness when she saw it.

As Gigi walked up the cobblestone sidewalk, she thought the, “Danger: Beware of Dog” sign a contradictory, but unfortunately necessary, message, as Gigi had been robbed three times in the last year. Gigi decided to buy and train a German Shepherd to be her part-time pet, part-time store employee.

Stone, the dog, had a bed in the corner, behind the counter. He rested there, silently, but his ears and nose were always on alert. Gigi had no more robberies since Stone started working at the store.

13 thoughts on “Lavender Blue

  1. German Shepherds are very protective of their humans and aren’t shy about biting when necessary. Perfect attributes for a watch dog. Most take one look and go in the opposite direction. Corny is as corny does…

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  2. Is that Beulah Bondi in the rocking chair? You are a Waltons fan…I believe that is her and she played Mother Corrine on a few episodes. I love that song…love those old songs.

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