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Home of the brave


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Fandango’s FOWC is division, the Word Challenge of the Day is empty, Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are tortilla, vault, riverbed, and Teresa’s Story Starter Challenge prompt is “I’m sure it was all a dream.”

Vanna started her morning with a breakfast of coffee and a corn tortilla with fresh avocado on it, as she did every morning. After breakfast she and M’Lady, her feline furbaby, went for a walk along the dry riverbed that should have been filled with the spring runoff from the mountains. It was empty of all life except for an occasional butterfly that landed in the bed to gather minerals.

Vanna’s heart was troubled.  The dry river bed was a manifestation of the division that continued to crack the very earth with its oppression. One part of the nation believed it was man’s right as “steward” of the planet to rape, loot, and exploit every grain of sand for monetary gain. The other part had an unshakeable belief that humans were meant to work in harmony with nature. As the steward camp was much more aggressive and dedicated to profit, it seemed to win against the more gentle harmonic group. Whereas the harmonics often just let things be, such as the vaulted blue green beetle that lived only in a particular niche of upper state Wisconsin, the stewards found natural gas to frack at the site and paid off the state’s Environmental Protection Agency chief to approve the fracking license, getting around the uproar by saying it was just a temporary permit. “Oh well, it’s just a beetle, plenty of other kinds left,” is what the stewards said.

Vanna and M’Lady continued on their walk up the mountain path. Vanna was shocked to see a bulldozer parked on the side of it. She was even more shocked to see the river had been dammed with dirt and rocks; it was evident the bulldozer had done it. Trojan Construction was painted on the side of the dozer. Ah, a well-known state-wide corporation that helped frackers and other destroyers of natural beauty. The CEO of Trojan was the governor’s brother. No conflict of interest there, eh. Any protesting of Trojan was instantly shut down by a private police force with powers to arrest.

Vanna looked around and saw no sign of humans. Putting on her gloves, she climbed up into the cab of the dozer. Yep, the keys were up in the visor. Revving the engine, Vanna proceeded to use the dozer to move the obstruction out of the way of the water. It didn’t take much before it was flowing freely again. Then Vanna drove the dozer to the edge of the cliff, threw it into gear and jumped off of it as it tumbled over the edge. It would cost a lot to retrieve the Trojan, and whatever the project was was now on hold.  Maybe a few days only; maybe it would not continue.

Vanna and M’Lady headed back down the mountain. As they walked, Vanna heard Jimmy Hendrix playing, “The Star Spangled Banner”. Was there a cover band at the band shell nearby? She and M’Lady ran fast towards it to see.

M’Lady scratched Vanna’s leg and Vanna sat up in her bed. She shook her head and tried to remember why she felt so elated. Oh yes, the bulldozer! Then she thought, I’m sure it was all a dream.

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