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Fandango’s FOWC is makeshift, the Word of the Day Challenge is laugh, Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are rainbow, serpent, cookie, and Teresa’s Story Starter Challenge prompt is “You must pay attention!”

Rainbow-hued skirts twirled and swayed as Darryl, The Cobra Master, played his recorder and mesmerized the serpent.  The special dancers mesmerized the audience as Darryl did the snake. Cookies were placed on a table near the makeshift stage, along with the red kool-aid, to be enjoyed at the end of the program.

Darryl was the fourth act of the evening under the repurposed circus tent. First had been Margo, the Magnificent, who was able to balance on several ordinary objects with her forehead and suspend the rest of her body in the air.

Next was Jiminy Cricket, who took turns traversing a canine obstacle course with his dogs.

The next act was a comedian, Bang Bang Shrimp, who told the most sacrilegious jokes ever heard. It’s a wonder he wasn’t struck by lightning right then and there. Every time he told an outrageous joke, the crowd roared, but then they would look around nervously to see if anyone saw them laughing.

After Darryl, came the featured performer of the evening, a man by the name of Jim Jones. Jones stood center stage, saying nothing, until the silence was deafening. People, who were still flushed and energized from Bang Bang’s act, were fidgeting as they regarded the tall sequin-bedecked man with a serene smile on his face. Suddenly animated, Reverend Jones, as he would later be called, rushed forward to the very edge of the stage and screamed, “You must pay attention! Your very souls are at stake!!!”

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