Forging a National Bike Route System — THE DIRT

For bicyclists and those who interested in bicycling, this is a very interesting article about trying to network national bike trails in the US.  The Dirt is an excellent environment-minded blog with always valuable info on it as well.


There are a growing number of routes for those hardy souls who love the thought of biking from state to state, or even shore to shore. At the League of American Bicyclists’ National Bike Summit in Crystal City, Virginia, a group of nonprofit leaders described how street bicycle infrastructure forms into neighborhood and urban networks, […]

via Forging a National Bike Route System — THE DIRT

4 thoughts on “Forging a National Bike Route System — THE DIRT

  1. I love our bicycle trail we have…we have an old train bridge we go over…they took up the railroad track and made it a bicycle track…just really cool.

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  2. We have a whole network of rail-to-trail bike trails here. Very awesome you have them too. So you like to ride bikes? This year I’m getting back into it seriously. I’m about 3 miles from a major trail that goes at least 100 miles (and probably beyond, not sure where it goes after Grand Rapids).

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  3. Yes but we slacked last year… our track is only a few miles from our house but it is only 4 miles long so we park and get the bikes off and go down the trail and back for 8 miles.

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