Twittering Tales #129 – 26 March 2019

Kat is the lovely host of Twittering Tales.  Kat says:

For this week, an interesting photo by Tony Dinh at Unsplash.com. What is the story here? This is a real place in Sydney Australia called “Angel Place.” Look it up if you need some inspiration. I trust you will come up with some fantastic tweets! Take a week to simmer on it if you like. You have 280 characters to tell your tale. And I’ll see you at the round up!

Steel webs hold sorrow captive

and trap the remembering of

folly or random ends.

hopes also trapped

for happy returns.

how selfish.

let them fly free,

souls flitting,



on a cosmic ocean

they will play —

and wait

for you —



[237 characters]

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