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#SoCS — Dough & Dough


Linda G. Hill is the host of Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  Linda says:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “dough/d’oh.” Use one, use both, use ’em any way you like. Enjoy!

Dough.  Dinero.  Money.  We all need dough. Economies operate on it, so it is the dough itself or things that are worth dough that powers the surface, mainstream economy. It is also what powers the underground subcultures economies that are, for one reason or another, locked out of the mainstream. Talking about dough is too much much like work so let me shift gears.

Dough, the stuff that those who make bread knead, is a much more interesting topic to type about. I first learned about kombucha, which is a fermented tea that is good for maintaining a healthy probiotic gut environment, and that led me to other fermented foods like sourdough. Wild Fermentation is a book by Sandor Katz that shows that the fermenting yeasts for bread and other dough floats freely in the air. If it is a season where air is circulating freely in the house through screened doors and windows, they will land on your flour/water mixture and set up residence. What’s wonderful about wild sourdough bread is it will consume part of the hideous concentration of gluten in your wheat flour as it continues to raise, get punched down, raise again, then get put into loaf pans to raise yet again. Your gut will thank you for sourdough bread not only for that part but because it won’t have all of the hideous additives they put into bread these days. Oh, I almost forgot one of the other awesome things about it: when you first mix the dough together you’ve also added two cups of cooked brown rice, which makes it all the more healthy. For anyone with a gluten intolerance there are ways to make sourdough bread with gluten-free flours as well.

Hoping you all have a wonderful Saturday!



16 thoughts on “#SoCS — Dough & Dough

  1. Talking dough is too much like work. I’m avoiding the inevitable hard look at our finances. I’d like to try a gluten-free bread recipe. Might be better than what I’ve found in the store.

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  2. Fantastic, Jeremy!!!!!!!! Do you do fermenting then?? I’ve done the kraut, bread, and kombucha. The book is beautiful not only for its recipes but for the prose.


  3. Thank you for explaining well these things about fermentation that were not clear to me. As for the money dough, I thought about bartering and how interesting that would be.

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  4. You are welcome on the fermentation. Cultures for Health is an excellent website where you can learn a lot also. I would love to do bartering! I think there are bartering websites that have people offering bartering exchanges, etc. Not sure how widespread it is but I would gladly trade, say, tomatoes for firewood 🙂

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  5. Water or dairy kefir? I haven’t tried either but I do buy dairy kefir at the store — yum. Kraut is easy. You need a crock, which come in all sizes. You can start at a gallon size. You need something heavy to hold it down under the brine. You can buy weights to go on top, but you can also use a plate then put a zip lock with water on it, but it’s a pain. The crock “stones” or wood weights are best but not cheap, nor is the crock itself. It’s an investment.


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