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Will he or won’t he?

Fandango’s FOWC is prescient, the Word of the Day Challenge is daredevil, Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are midnight, sweatshirt, application , and Teresa’s Story Starter Challenge phrase is “It was our darkest hour.”

I’m prescient in case you didn’t know,” stated Booth as she went into the bathroom to check on the status of her earlier makeup application.

Jones called into the other room, “Oh, so that means I’m supposed to believe you when you say my daredevil stunt at midnight tonight will meet with disaster?”

Booth was just slipping her hoody sweatshirt on as she stepped back into the living room.

All I can tell you Jones is that last night, all night long, I dreamt a string of dreams. In every dream there was a person walking with a sign that said, ‘It was our darkest hour.’ The way I translate it is that the “darkest hour” is midnight. Dreams also work in metaphor; darkest hour is an idiom for as bad as it can get. This tells me you shouldn’t try to jump the chasm with your motorcycle.”

Question:  do you think Jones will try to jump the chasm with his motorcycle?

15 thoughts on “Will he or won’t he?

  1. Is this picture from an actual movie Steve Martin did? Fandango somewhat recently shared a set of questions that included a query as to most famous person met (plus details). I didn’t want to share stories about famous people I’ve met (nor to choose the most famous of all), but I considered telling that I’d seen Steve Martin while on a vacation — but let him alone so he could go about his day. Your concluding question also brings to mind that I met Evel Knievel on a golf course as a kid.

    Yes, I think Jones will try to jump the chasm.

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    1. Marleen I think it is but not sure which one. I went to gify and put “man jump chasm with motorcycle” and that’s one that came up. Very cool to see Steve and Evel!


      1. Oh no…I’m sorry. I hope you get feeling better. Are you feeling a little better now?

        This week has been hell…after applying updates on our exchange server some of our email went down…today with the help of microsoft it’s fixed…of course they caused it….I’m way behind blogging.

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        1. Sorry, just went to color a picture and listen to music so the post is ready in the morning. Actually I just started to feel queasy when I typed that. Am sipping peppermint tea now, which is helping. Nothing works better for upset stomach. Am very sorry you’ve had a hellish work week. My son does IT stuff and he’s always under pressure when updating or anything else with the computers happens. They keep promising to hire help for him but so far none 😦 I’m not sure who is the greater personification of evil, Microsoft or Amazon! I’m way behind today too. That A2Z has been eating into my time.

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          1. Well I’m glad I got to catch up on your blogs anyway. I hope you start feeling better. The best thing I ever had was phenergan…which is prescribed but it works well.
            Get rest and feel better.

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