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Move aside Cadbury


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Fandango’s FOWC is envy, the Word of the Day Challenge is gaze, Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are Portugal, scissors, egg , and Teresa’s Story Starter Challenge phrase is “Now where did it go?”

Norris cut the advertisement for the sweepstakes out of the back of World Traveler with the pair of scissors he kept on the table beside him just for such things. The sweepstakes was sponsored by The International Chocolate Salon. Norris needed to create a caramel that would win him top prize in the competition, which was an all-expenses paid trip to Portugal. As Norris lived in the northern reaches of Canada, a vaca in Portugal would be perfect!

Norris had 8 weeks to perfect his caramels. He decided to go with an egg motif, where the shell of the egg was white milk chocolate and decorated with Easter pastels and stencils, the crème part was a thick white cherry marshmallow, and the yolk was a yellow caramel chick made from bittersweet chocolate, truffles, and Irish Creme liquer.

It was time to complete the online application and figure out packaging details, as the deadline for entries was less than a week away. Norris went to his coupon folder, which he always kept on top of his hutch to find the advertisement he’d cut out weeks before. The cutout was not in the folder. Norris thought, “Now where did it go?” He scoured every raised surface of the house first, then every square inch of floor for it; his efforts were unsuccessful.

Norris next scoured the internet for a website on the contest using every conceivable combination of search terms – without success. The deadline came and went, and that was that.

A month later Norris picked up a book he had been reading and found the cutout advertisement that he used for a bookmark. He went to the website and bookmarked it for next year. He gazed with envy at the top prize winner and the other contenders for the year. Going through the top 100 entries in each chocolate category, there were none that looked like his prize-winning caramel egg design. Norris thought, I wonder what the location of the vacation will be for the 2020 first prize  winner?

16 thoughts on “Move aside Cadbury

    1. Why thank you. The prompters are at the links at the top of my story. If you click on them, you will find some good bloggers who give prompts and bloggers who write to the prompts.


  1. Good luck for Norris next year… funny thing is I’ve done the same thing before. Well, not the contest.. but I’ve used things as bookmarks only to find them later.

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