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dVerse — Quadrille — Aced it

pussy willow 2

De is the host of dVerse today. De says:

Greetings, my poetical friends. How’s your crazy April going? Are you writing a poem a day? Are you acing it? Well, for today’s Quadrille, I want to give you the chance to do just that – ace your poem. Unless it’s your first time here at the dVerse rodeo, you know a Quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words, not counting the title, and including one word we provide. Today, I’d like you to ponder the word ace.

I took another walk out back today and this is what I saw.

Birdsongs surf yellow beams
Six-leggeds skate over brown tadpoles
Blackredorange wings ride swaying branches
Grey bumps itch to burst
White pussy willows preen
Deer trails green
Tanning infant pine cones drink sun
Gods, angels, and mortals agree –
Today’s living rainbow aces beauty’s test.

ginkgo treepussy willow 1red pine 1red pine 2red pine 3tan pinecone 2deer pathfallen treesinfant strawberry plantlichen on branch

39 thoughts on “dVerse — Quadrille — Aced it

  1. Great images and excellent word smithing; you had me at /six-leggeds skate over brown tadpoles/. Your walk gave you lively Spring fodder for photos and poetics.

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    1. Thank you, Glenn. I was surprised the skaters were already out there doing their thing. The bullfrog tadpoles are camouflaged so well that there is swirling movement but they aren’t distinguished from the other brownery in the water.


                    1. I may have heard one a long time ago, when I was walking home from some event downtown with my friends. It was right by a place that is reported to be haunted and heard what sounded like a woman screaming. We thought it came from the house but it was probably a screech owl!

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  2. I love this poem so much! It echoes what I saw in my walk yesterday — except the frogs, did I miss the frogs?? Your word choices are dynamic and original. My favorite is “Blackredorange wings”. Your photos are priceless. Beautiful submission!

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    1. Thank you very much, Victoria, glad you enjoyed it. I combined the colors for word count purposes but I think it works. If Eddie Vedder can do it in his lyrics, so can I 😉


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