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Lady In Waiting

maid with flagon

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Fandango’s FOWC is pontificate, the Word of the Day challenge is vengeance, Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are shepherd, flame, comma , and Teresa’s Story Starter Challenge phrase is “Last time that/this happened…”

Hazel, with the other ladies in-waiting, stood to the side, heads respectfully down, listening with the rest of those assembled to hear King Joffrey pontificate. He was on about how he was going to wipe every last Stark out of existence. A flame of hatred burned in Hazel’s heart for the boy king, as one of his first acts as king was to enslave all shepherds in the kingdom so he could wear a different royal cloak every day for a year. Hazel’s father was a shepherd and barely made ends meet for her family before Joffrey became king. Now the family would have to start eating some of the flock if they didn’t want to starve.

Hazel’s plot for vengeance was about to be realized. King Joffrey reached for his goblet, signifying a comma in the long-winded speech. His expression soured and his demeanor agitated when he found it empty.

He screamed, “Last time this happened, someone lost their fingers. WHERE IS MY ORANGE CRUSH!?!?!?!?!?”

Hazel was ready with the pitcher of ricin-laced Orange Crush, trying to keep herself from shaking as she hurried to fill the goblet.

16 thoughts on “Lady In Waiting

    1. Thanks Paula 🙂 I went to the library yesterday and they have a contest going on with all of the characters. I have to pick who will still be alive, who will be killed off, and who will be turned into a white walker at the end of the season. The winner gets a gift card! So very cool. I might do a post on it.

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