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I’m all right…


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The Word of the Day Challenge is reminiscent, Paula’s 3 Things Challenge Words are sugar, certificate, golf , and Teresa’s Story Starter Challenge phrase is “I caught the mole!”

Bill Murray, who now drinks at the local neighborhood tavern, has to watch his sugar, so he only drinks unsweetened ice tea most of the time.  Bill still loves to reminiscent about his role in that golf movie where he played the groundskeeper who kept trying to get the varmint ruining the golf course. Although he never did catch the gopher laying waste to Bushwood Country Club in the film, when Bill decides to drink bourbon instead of unsweetened ice tea, he starts yelling, “I caught the mole!” “I caught the mole!” “I caught the mole!”

Caddyshack, the film being discussed here, deserves a certificate for being one of the funniest movies ever made.

19 thoughts on “I’m all right…

              1. The Dick Van Dyke Show… her in those Capri pants caused a stir in the 60s on that show. That show was huge.

                In fact…on Mary Tyler Moore she was going to be divorced but the network said no…they would think she was divorced from Dick Van Dyke lol.

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                1. Oh right, I remember Dick Van Dyke Show. I have always liked him. He’s still going strong too. That’s so funny about the capri pants and her being a divorcee. Nowadays on tv if the couple is married it’s an anomaly!

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  1. delightful use of the prompts as a fan of both Caddy’s Shack and Bill in particular you’ve pleased me! My favourite of his was and always will be “Razors Edge’, he was very young in that 🙂

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    1. Glad to have delighted you. I love his comedies. It’s been so long since Razor’s Edge I need to refresh my memory. My favorite serious role of his is The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou.

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