Black Night, Red Rocks, Yellow Moon

couple moon silhouette

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The Word of the Day Challenge is moon, Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are kiss, boulder, yellow , and Teresa’s Story Starter Challenge phrase is “Watch the edge!”

The moon, a great yellow night light, was gracious enough to shine along the path into the red rocks Jax and I were walking in Sedona, Arizona. The red of the rocks was washed out, and instead were bathed in alternating shadow and glow. Jax knew the way. His warm hand in the chill of the desert night was welcomed.

Turns and zig-zags punctuated our ascent to the giant boulder clearly silhouetted against Lady Luna. At last, out of breath and giddy, we stood, an earthly suspension between boulder and a butterball in the sky.

Jax seemed transfixed by Lady Luna, lost in rapture of her. He turned then, with the golden smile Jax gives only to me and we kissed. Tears of joy filled my eyes at the perfection of the moment.

We sat on the blanket I had in my backpack watching the yellow globe ascend to heaven. We sipped from the bottle of cinnamon brandy we’d brought along to keep ourselves warm. After awhile it was time to leave. Jax stood up and helped me stand. I repacked the blanket and started moving back towards what I thought was to the trail. Then I heard, “Watch the edge!” What I had forgotten is that we had climbed up from the other side and that where I was about to step was a drop off.

As we made our way down the rocks to the trail back to town, we heard a coyote yipping in the distance.


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  1. Sadje says:

    A nighttime adventure.

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