Music Monday’s Challenge – #3 — Good Queen Beatrix

Kristian from Tales from the Mind of Kristian is the host of Music Monday’s Challenge.  Kristian says:

Listen to the music clip and let it inspire you to write a poem or a short story.

Here’s the clip:

Just before sunrise every morning young Queen Beatrix’ ritual was to stand in the window of the castle tower and survey her queendom. Since losing the love of her life, Lord Markus, to smallpox, a sadness filled her eyes even as she surveyed the unspeakable beauty of the mountains and the valley below. Not even as the sun rose over the landscape could her sorrow be lifted, as it reminded her of when he used to share this with her each day.

Queen Beatrix took a ride on her favorite filly after breakfast to make her monthly rounds of the queendom. It was that time of spring where fields of flowers bloom and birds build their nests.

As the queen rode through the village which lay at the foothills and valley beneath the castle, for maybe the first time she noticed how thin the villagers were, how tattered their clothes, and how rickety their cottages. Just as a window of compassion opened in her heart, one of the little peasant girls ran up and held her little arm high with a daffodil for the queen.

It was a watershed moment for Beatrix. She would allow this kind of deprivation no longer. She determined to help the villagers rebuild and she would dedicate it to the memory and honor of Lord Markus. From that idea her imagination flowed to a fantasy of she and Lord Markus and their children, living there, their children at play. She knew in her heart it was the right thing to do.

The Queen halted tax collection for now. She dedicated funds for supplies and ordered her soldiers to help the villagers rebuild. Soon there was a beehive of activity.

The Queen’s cousin, The Duke of Earl, was angry at what he perceived as the queen’s folly and extravagance. He determined to begin a plot of undermining and sabotage. What he didn’t count on was just how well-loved Queen Beatrix was. Word soon got to the queen about the plotting and the Duke was sent into exile in the farthest region of the queendom.

Two months passed and the village was reborn. A celebration was held and a statue of Lord Markus was placed in the square.

This morning, just as the sun rises, Queen Beatrix stands at the window of the castle tower with a hint of a smile playing about her lips.

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  1. kkatch22 says:

    Hey there! This isn’t on topic, but just a little something to say thank you!!

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    1. msjadeli says:

      Thank you for thinking of me ❤ My blog is an award-free one, your reading is plenty. Thanks again!

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      1. kkatch22 says:

        Sorry about that!!

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        1. msjadeli says:

          No worries, have a great day

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          1. kkatch22 says:

            Thank you, you too!

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  2. Brilliant, your regal tale matches the music very well. 🙂

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    1. msjadeli says:

      Kristian thank you. The music told the tale 😉

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