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Twittering Tales #135 – 7 May 2019 — Symbiosis

Kat is the host of Twittering Tales. Kat says:

For this week I selected this amazing photograph by JPlenio at of a storm rolling in over a Canada skyline. At least it looks like a storm…or could it be an alien invasion (I know how some of you love that topic )…or the apocalypse? Whatever you see, please consider telling the tale in 280 characters or less (title not included) and I’ll see you at the roundup next week…or at least I hope I will. There’s a storm a comin’!

Photo by jplenio at

D7, one of the living cloud-like chocolate donut “charging stations” for the sky cities orbiting above Io’s surface, wasn’t busy today. Nucleo glowed as D7 pumped neutrinos into it. When the powerhouse gauge said full, 100 humans were fed to the tractor beam as payment.


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