Monday Doodads

I have no idea if this will become a regular feature, but I wanted to share a few things that don’t fit into the usual categories of music, short fiction, and poetry.

First off, I had a wonderful Mother’s Day with my kids.  Older son invited us all to his and his girlfriend’s place and said he would make soup/stew.   Younger son and his wife agreed to bring a salad, and I said I’d bring (store-bought) dessert.  Usually my sons and their significant others give me a card and small gifts.  Yesterday I walked into a surprise.  They have a “lightbox” where they always put creative sayings.  This time the saying was for me.  Older son’s girlfriend also baked cupcakes and arranged them in a cool way.  Plus they all got me a card and very thoughtful gifts.

mother's day 2

mothers day 1

After a delicious lunch, we played games that use our phones to interact with the PS4.  If you have a PS4 and have not tried this game, you should, as it is SO much fun!!!!  You take pictures of yourself with distorting filters, and as you play they show up on the screen.  My kids and their partners are so much better at the expressions.  You will bust a gut laughing.  Here’s a short youtube on it:

Afterwards, younger son and his wife and I went and did our volunteering at the cat shelter.  It was the best Mother’s Day any mother could hope for.

On Friday, older son came over after work and helped me move the biggest pieces of the fallen willow limb that the neighbor guy was a saint to cut into moveable pieces for.  I never even got the guy’s name but I know he lives a couple of blocks down.  There is no way I would have been able to move these pieces alone.  There were the big pieces, which we wheelbarrowed over to the carport, then we started making trip after trip with the debris from those pieces out to the brush pile out back.

Today, I raked up the rest of the fronds from the fall zone, as well as the ones from the rest of the yard.  I adore the willow trees, but they are MESSY!  Wheelbarrow after wheelbarrow.  I finally got down to the last wheelbarrow and snapped a picture.  Also you’ll see the stacked pieces in the carport.  You’ll also see what is now a gargantuan brush pile!

last trip to brushpile 051319

part of the big limb from willow 051319

brushpile and wheelbarrow 051319

Probably the best news of all for today is that the mower started up on the first try and was in top running condition.  When it had to go in for repairs and tune-up last spring, when the guy brought it back, he said every time you use it, turn off the gas line and let the gas burn out of it, and always buy ethanol-free gas so it doesn’t gum up your fuel line.  I took his advice — and it was good advice.  Thank you, lawn mower repairman!  I got most of the lawn cut today but purposely did not cut where all of the dandelions are blooming.  The bees are swarming them and bees are my friends.

OK, your turn!  What are your doodads?



20 thoughts on “Monday Doodads

  1. Sounds like you had a great Mothers Day…that sign is really cool. I agree about the ethanol-free gas. I can’t always find it but if I can’t I buy SeaFoam to pour in the tank.

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      1. SeaFoam if a fuel additive… It will clean out everything.
        I’ve left unleaded gas in a lawnmower for the winter and it would not starts…poured some Seafoam in and it started right up.

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  2. How sweet the way your kiddos honored you for Mother’s Day. You’re a blessed gal! That Willow is a big one. What a big clean up job that was, too. I know you’re glad to get that done. Our yard is in desperate need to be cut. I can’t wait to do it. Hopefully when we decide to do it we’ll have a rain free day. Happy belated M-day you, my dear!

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    1. Cathy thank you, yes they surprised me. Older son’s girlfriend is so very thoughtful again and again. Yes, I had given up hope of getting that tree taken care of but was praying on it, and look at that, the prayer was answered. Praying you have a rain-free day for your mowing. Are you still going to be coloring your Little Mermaid drawings? I haven’t visited your blog since the end of A2Z so you may already be posting them?

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      1. Yes, I shared Prince Eric in living color last Wednesday. I’m going to use my not so wordless Wednesday time slot to share my A2Z sketch updates.I won’t be doing it every week but when I do it’ll be only Wednesdays. Don’t worry about not having been over to visit since the blog fest ended, I haven’t made it to your place either. LOL

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  3. What a great Mother’s Day with gifts that mean the most because they came from your kids. Yikes to your tree though, that looks crazy! Was it from lightning?

    I like this new Doodad feature!

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    1. Yes it was. It wasn’t from lightning or wind. It was where it was raining and then the ice froze on all of the fronds and made it super heavy. The tree is already weak, and when I was hauling the limb I see it was full of insect holes 😦 Glad you like the Doodads!

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