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Image by Myriams-Fotos from Pixabay

The fishing trawler was headed home from another day of pulling its nets through the water to catch any and everything. Dark clouds rushed in and nature’s bathtub began to churn. Norton, the first mate, called out, “Captain, there’s a small boat looks to be drifting 100 yards to our starboard. No signs of life but a bright lantern is lit on her.”

Norton, I think we have just enough time to check her out before the storm hits. Let’s make it quick, shall we.”  Captain Marcus was curious as to why such a small vessel would be so far out, but it wasn’t the first time humans engaged in folly on the sea.

Norton revved the engine and turned the wheel, heroically drawn like a magnet to the distressed vessel.

They pulled up alongside her and saw the boat was deserted. The next thing they saw was an impossibly large mouth, death’s vault, rise up around them from the deep.  All was blackness.

Pontus had determined humans were taking too much from his sea without ever giving anything back. He called his creatures from the Mariana – and set his trap.

The End.

Fandango’s FOWC is curious, the Word of the Day Challenge is vault, Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are bathtub, pork chop, magnet , and Teresa’s Haunted Wordsmith’s Daily Prompts are threatening and the photo.






17 thoughts on “Bait

  1. That’s right you’re into the cold season now, yes? I don’t drink whiskey most of the time, but I tried some honey whiskey awhile back that was so smooth! Glad you enjoyed the story as you sat back and relaxed 🙂

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