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dVerse — Rich — Worm King


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Kim is the host of dVerse today. Kim says:
This week I’d like you to take any meaning, form or compound of the word rich, and write a poem of exactly 44 words (not counting your title), including the prompt word.

Worm King

Tender, smooth skin,
Peristaltic, mining
Wilted lettuce, apple peels;
Constricting scraps
While centipedes march
Endless reconnaissance
And sowbugs sip brown juice.
Castoff corner of any garden,
Busier than any stock exchange,
You bring us your garbage
And we make you rich
with black gold.

54 thoughts on “dVerse — Rich — Worm King

  1. Wow, Jade, the shape of your quadrille looks like one of those little well-fed worms that I sometimes find in our garden – the robin really likes them! It also reminds me of the worm farms the children sometimes make at school. I especially like the final lines:
    ‘You bring us your garbage
    And we make you rich
    with black gold’.
    There’s nothing like rich soil – it has an amazing aroma.

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  2. This is such a delight to read! I love watching Gardener’s World on BBC (I have a secret crush on Monty Don LOL) but it is such an educational show, even if it is set in the UK. My garden is filled with worms, it should be after 20 years!

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    1. Linda, such a joy to know that worms can survive in a desert climate. I would love to see you write a poem about it. I can’t get gardening shows anymore as I have no ability to watch TV where I’m at (translated won’t/can’t pay for a TV dish rental.) I remember watching gardening shows on PBS years ago. I kinda had a crush on Mel Barthalomew back in those days as well 😉

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        1. Cool. British TV has a lot to offer, I’m sure. I have to use satellite internet which caps me at 15gb/month, which severely limits anything that streams with video. They have extra gb after 2a.m. and so often I will watch my netflix movies starting then. Yah, I know, but I have to get my movie doses.

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