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dVerse — Ekphrastic poems – Mary Frances — Ikaria


Mary Frances


From afar, a green memory on grey cloth,
Migratory urbanites rush to its verdant cocoon
Each season, flying on fumes.

Rich capillaries run and play within
And around its circumference,
Where water babies are nourished.

Armanis shed, skivvies donned,
Metamorphosing each summer,
From plated salmon to dragon tadpoles

August’s wane brings regret of reversion
Which some resist — and others refuse;
Immortality’s children, playing in the sun.

Sarah is the host of dVerse today. Sarah says:
Choose a picture [of the choices given of Mary Frances’ work] that speaks to you, and write a poem for it. Mary has given us permission to use her art, but, of course, we must credit her for her work.

24 thoughts on “dVerse — Ekphrastic poems – Mary Frances — Ikaria

  1. I love the images you use here. I don’t know what a dragon tadpole is – is it a real thing? In my imagination it’s the thing that grows into a dragon. Maybe it has a fiercer face than an ordinary tadpole, and a fiery tail. Anyhow, I like the idea that this is an island. Now you’ve given me that image, I can see that of course that’s what it is!

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  2. Ikaria–you’re not heavy, see, I carry ya; smile. I believe thatm our soul is already immortal, moving from one host to another, in one dimensional spoke in the Cosmic wheel.

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  3. I like the way you describe the ‘Migratory urbanites rush[ing] to its verdant cocoon /Each season, flying on fumes’ and ‘Rich capillaries’ – the privileged few taking over a little Greek island for the summer, oblivious to the effect they have on the environment and its inhabitants.

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