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High Diver

In the world of finance, Louann had always been a high diver. Only the most addicted to xtreme risk opportunities came to Louann to invest. If there was no jeopardy, there was no thrill. To those with endless wells of disposable income, it was the only way to fly.

Louann, whose nickname was the Sunflower of Death, could make heart rates rise when she walked into a room. To strangers, when Louann wore her fuzzy orange sweater it was a fashion statement. To those who orbited in her realm, it was a sign the investment had tanked. When she wore her neon pink spatula shoes, it meant a solid return on something that had had a 50% chance of abject failure. When Louann wore the white PVC catsuit with the choker of rough chunks of turquoise and the scarlet strapped stilettos, it meant the investment return was in the double digits.

It’s too bad that the fuzzy sweater was damaged beyond repair when Miranda, a disgruntled investor who only thought she an endless well of disposable income, dropped Louann’s unconscious body into the empty, abandoned elevator shaft.

The End.

Fandango’s FOWC is jeopardy, the Word of the Day Challenge is fuzzy, Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are sunflower, spatula, raise , and Teresa’s Haunted Wordsmith Daily Prompts are high diver as a character and the photo.

28 thoughts on “High Diver

  1. Getting a child through high school is a big deal. I wondered if I would ever see the day, especially with my older son. He could not stand school! Every day in high school, and I do mean every day, I had a fight with him (me yelling and persisting until he got up to go).

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  2. Bailey hated elementry and Jr High… He was an average student or below…then High School…he excelled. I think it was the freedom. His grades were great and ended up with a 3.9 GPA… He really loved it and never wanted to miss.
    It just all clicked for him. I was afraid we were going to do what you had to do but something clicked with him.

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