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dVerse — On Wandering and Observing –Through the Dunes, to the Lake

Anmol is the host of dVerse today. Anmol says:
For this Tuesday’s prompt, I would like all of you to wander around for a bit — take an old familiar walk.

I chose to write an etheree form poem about a walk I’ve taken innumerable times over the years. Lake Michigan, and the winding paths one walks to get to her, evokes joy and peace like no other.

Through the trees
Along the trails
Between the sand dunes
All ways lead to the lake
As the breeze jostles amongst
Living and dead, no exceptions,
And the giant’s distant shhhhhh gets loud
Pause and smile at dune top – every time.
Neck swivels slow, from far left to far right
Great expanse of water, no far shore —
Running down thru warm butter sand
Dip a hand in to gauge temp:
Ooh, so cold! But we swim.
Chilled, then simply numb.
Towel off, warm up.
Climb the dune,
Then walk

Here’s a video I took in February of Lake MI.  This was short a walk from my car in the parking lot to the beach, just a few yards away, but it does show how vast the lake is and the dunes behind.  This day had no wind, and the water was frozen quite aways out so there was an unusual quite.  In warmer seasons, it’s rarely quiet.


36 thoughts on “dVerse — On Wandering and Observing –Through the Dunes, to the Lake

  1. Really enjoyed this walk — the form works wonderfully well with the theme. There is some gorgeous imagery here and I loved how you brought about some texture with that “warm butter sand”. A lovely read! 🙂

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  2. Oh my gosh, that was a beautiful read. “Running down through warm butter sand ”
    Happy sigh ❤
    And thank you for the video reminder of SNOW. I've got 3 months to enjoy my city before we get our first fall. Ha ha!

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  3. The etheree is a good choice of form for this poem, Jade; the lines and words meander. I enjoyed this stroll to the lake, with the breeze jostling amongst living and dead, and I love the pause at the dune top, placed perfectly in the middle of the etheree, before the descent to the lake.

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  4. The form and the stroll worked like gangbusters. You had me, as many others, with /running down through warm butter sand/. I’ve only been to the Great Lakes once; awesome to see a body of water larger than Puget Sound, which is considered to be an inland sea.

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    1. Rob, thank you for your perspective and thoughts. You’re perceptive in the sparseness, as there are less things than in regular soil that grow in sugar sand.


    1. Bjorn, the sound is the most peace-inducing part of all. Coming to the top of the dune and into the open to see the lake still affects me. Thank you for your eyes to see.


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