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The Curse of the Gray Slime

Image by stokpic from Pixabay

When you’re a vampire, there is plenty of time to reflect. Too much time. After awhile all thoughts have been thought. Eventually it hits you, that endlessly looping bundle of electrically charged synaptic pathways are just slime. It’s the gray slime that’s the real vampire, not me, drawing away from life and ensnaring in death. The night I realized it was the night I let it tempt me no more. I decided to begin traveling for reasons other than necessity.

In the past any time my exploits forced a move, it was to a cloudy, cold, and or gloomy location. Those who live in these places make easier prey, especially in the dead of winter. The gloom and doom fit right in with the grey slime’s plan of holding me hostage to its immortal revery.

My first voluntary location was an island in the Pacific that had dense jungle covering it, including on the volcanic mountains. There were several inland lakes as well, deep dark cool pools of water. The island was perfect, as it had the tropical climate but was kept in shade deep enough that I could go outside in the daylight. The pools were deep and I could swim in them for hours without surfacing as breathing is optional for vampires.

All of this fun activity and exercise was brightening my mood. My blood lust was cut down to once a month, and there were plenty of larger mammals on the island to drink from. I cursed my grey slime for depriving me of this healthy wholesome lifestyle for hundreds of years.

I stayed on paradise island for a number of years. No matter how perfect a place might be, at some point its charm wears out. Besides I was getting lonely out there with no other humans or vampires around. Next stop was a large library in a large city, where I studied maps and laid out my course for the next two hundred years.

The End.

Fandango’s FOWC is reflect, the Word of the Day Challenge is tempt, Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are cover, island, vampire, and Teresa’s Haunted Wordsmith Daily Prompts are the sentence, “It’s just slime.” and the photo.

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