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dVerse — Haibun — Summer’s Growth Bath

Merril is the host of dVerse today. Merril says:
So today, I want you to conjure the magic of nature in your haibun. Think about the words, too, as of course, you do in poetry anyway.

With the almost-daily rains, every herbaceous being grows lush with green. Where the bearded iris have two blossoms other years, this year there were four or more on each stalk. The peonies took longer to blossom, but the buds were more numerous and grew rotund and tight before bursting into bright pinks and frosted pinks, side by side. Even the cut willow pieces from the fallen limb sprouted and hoped to reach soil to continue.

With so much water and herbiage, faunal forms are burgeoning also. From the sounds of the peepers earlier and now the bullfrogs, there is a plethora of procreation going on. The mosquitos fly in clouds and are ravenous, but they feed so many others I don’t begrudge their snacking on me once in awhile if they are quick and are not seen. Parent birds are starting to bring their fledglings to the feeders, with their plaintive cries if mom or pop doesn’t hop-to with the morsels.

Along with the welcome flora and fauna are the unwelcome – like poison ivy. Every year it continues to encroach into “my” space. I went to pull some last week, wearing gloves. I put it into a 5-gallon pail to die. Three days later, where even the slightest touch of its leaves on my skin, is blisters. As I walked down the back hall this week and looked out of the window, a tendril is growing tall and keeping an eye on me, and waiting for me to come out and play again.

Raincloud umbrellas
drench all life forms without bias –
summer’s growth bath.

poison ivy

Video of peonies in the yard:

36 thoughts on “dVerse — Haibun — Summer’s Growth Bath

  1. Ha! after being in hospital with poison ivy and oak, I avoid it at all costs. I love your peonies! They are gorgeous. Rain is indeed the summer’s growth bath. We haven’t had any in awhile but our time is coming! Great haiku.

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    1. Thank you, Toni for the compliments. I’m so sorry to hear those evil plants put you in hospital. Did you burn it? I did read if you try to burn it, the poisonous oil is dispersed into the air and can be breathed into your lungs and airway passages. How did they treat you in the hospital if you don’t mind my asking?


  2. Still go out and play, we can’t let the terrorists win! Plus poison ivy is good for business says Dr. Lona. 😉
    Seriously, hope you can be all summer girl and still avoid the poison vine. This reminds me a bit of the leveling, rain falls on it all. Indifferent and lovely.

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    1. hugs and strangles indeed. I went out with the loppers today, my hands inside of plastic bags, handles at max extension, and cut short a dastardly vine with glee. this piece of nature thrived in victory this day lol

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