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Topping the Charts

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Johnny was serving his time in the military with honor. He’d left Jeannie, his sweetheart, back home. The two exchanged frequent letters that were filled with the plans they had for marriage, home, children, career when Johnny came home.

Two years into his three-year commitment, Johnny received a letter that started, “Dear John,” instead of Johnny. His heart sank with the deepest sadness as he read that Jeannie was throwing in the towel on their relationship. She didn’t say why, but he suspected it had something to do with Georgie, the crack Cadillac salesman, who worked at the dealership that Jeannie’s dad owned and where she worked in the financing department.

Ripping the letter to shreds, Johnny lost himself in nightly excursions off-base to the little nightclubs that sprouted like intoxicating toadstools around military bases. One of the favorite clubs he and his compatriots liked was the Happy Flamingo. They had the best local musical talent as the house band. The band, Monster Melodious, brought in the hottest girl groupies. By the end of most evenings, Johnny was able to convince one of them to go outside to her car so they could make beautiful music of their own.

The night Johnny met Melita Melange was the night the music would top the charts.

Fandango’s FOWC is chart, the Word of the Day Challenge is melodious, and Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are Cadillac, towel, sadness



7 thoughts on “Topping the Charts

    1. Yes it does. I just read something where it talked about moving aside the clutter to make way for the new to have space. Daoist philosophy talks about the tea cup that will spill over if you don’t empty some of the tea out so new tea can be poured.

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