the palisade constructed for the fort at Jamestown enabled the colonists to incarcerate Native Americans briefly, but there was no jail within the fort intended to isolate prisoners

image from site with info on first prison in VA

Government soldiers were told to kill every man in enemy territory and capture all of the women and children. The government was the U.S. and the enemies the Native American First People.

Charles had been killing and capturing for a good twenty years now.

The day came when Charles rebeled and refused to kill and capture.

His captain ordered him to death by firing squad.

Charles died with a smile on his face.

The following week, a raw recruit from the east coast stood in Charles’ place.

The End.

Fandango’s FOWC is rebel and the Word of the Day Challenge is capture.


This story is inspired by a movie I’m watching on Netflix called, “Hostiles.” I’m halfway through it. The above plot is NOT part of the plot of the movie, but certain aspects are similar.

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  1. Fandango says:

    What the white Americans did to this land’s indigenous people and to the Africans we brought over on ships to be slaves are the biggest shames of our country’s history.

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  2. Fandango says:

    I suppose you can add the interment of the Japanese people during WWII and what is happening to migrants seeking asylum at our southern border today to the list.

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    1. msjadeli says:

      Yes, Fandango. It’s time for the madness to end.

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  3. A probably historical story that many would prefer to pretend did not happen …

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  4. Sadje says:

    Someone with guts to disobey the cruel orders

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  5. pvcann says:

    wherever the europeans went …. 😦

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