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Snap-in Tools

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Greeny had been suffering with a broken tooth for a week while her dentist was on vacation but today was the day of her appointment. The dentist, happy, tanned, and smiling, was ready to work again after his relaxing time on the ocean. His assistant took an x-ray and confirmed the took was cracked and could not be salvaged. They turned on the nitrous oxide, which made the shots in the gum and palate hurt just a little less. Soon Greeny was feeling jolly.

While the dentist went and worked on another patient as the shots took effect, the assistant showed Greeny one of the marvels of modern dentistry, a dental plate that literally snaps into place in your mouth. In order to do it, two dental implants on either side of the mouth are installed, then “snap” are installed, where the denture plate has the other side of the snap. Amazing but costly: $10,000. Stats on satisfaction with the snap-in dentures aside from cost is promising.

The dentist came back into the room and the tooth was out in a matter of minutes. Greeny was relieved that the tooth was gone but worried about the gap it created in her smile. She left the office with a lot to think about.

Fandango’s FOWC is stats and the Word of the Day Challenge is jolly.

26 thoughts on “Snap-in Tools

        1. I think God chose my teeth as the target of all of the bad karma I have earned. From my first dentist, who thought the solution to every problem was to pull the tooth, to other variations of bad dentistry, until I finally found an excellent dentist; however my teeth were in such bad shape by the time I got to him, that he continues to make heroic efforts to save the ones left whenever possible.

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          1. We must have went to the same first dentist! He was known for filling teeth with the cheapest material he could find I believe. I know a number of folks who went to him who are paying the price now.

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              1. I knew the fella pretty well he hated being a dentist but i think it was one of those things- he got into it- was making good money- felt stuck in his job.

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                1. I love my current dentist. He’s good at what he does, but he absolutely hates to give pain to anyone, which, as a dentist I’m not sure how you can get around. He’s not only a good dentist but a good human being. Your dentist sounds unethical in that he was not good at what he did but he continued for the money. He’s lucky he hasn’t been sued!

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                  1. Oh I think he has been sued. He is no longer a dentist- last I heard he was working as a stock boy at a grocery store. Not that there is anything wrong with that- there isn’t -but after making that dentist money…he was a lousy dentist. I wish I had never gone to him.

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    1. You are so right, Max. I was watching some other youtubes on the snap-ins and before they didn’t snap back out and you had to go to hygienist to have them irrigated underneath every so often. They keep improving things but then they jack the price up more. I’m hoping by the time I”m ready for these things they will be a breeze and cheap (I can dream, yes?)

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  1. I want to be sarcastic and say, “Well, at least your dentist was nice and rested and tanned from his vacation–that’s all that matters!” but actually it probably IS a good thing since it helps him do such good work when he gets back.
    Sorry, though……..

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