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When Miriam Blaylock was transformed into her ghoulish vampire self, she not only took on the hunger for blood and gained immortality.

Miriam gained what resembled vampire body GPS, or for her purposes it would be better called BPS, or Blood Positioning System. With her glamour vision, she can see the body illustrated and lit up where it is best to bite for a good meal.

Do you know the childrens’ board game, Operation? BPS needs accuracy to work quietly and efficiently. If Miriam bites “wrong” there’s all of that pesky screaming that alerts nearby people where she might be seen, followed, and later staked as she sleeps.

The BPS works as well as the teeth that use it. At 2,000 years old, Miriam’s age illustrates how well she uses it.

Fandango’s FOWC is vampire and the Word of the Day Challenge is illustrate.

13 thoughts on “BPS

    1. Thanks, K, soon there will be an app for everything. I watched a movie last week called, “Ready Player One” set about 30 years into the future and it showed people in their tiny apartments all hooked up with cyber suits and VR helmets. They didn’t even live in the real world anymore!

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