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Coloring Club Plus — 8/4/19

Aug 4

The coloring has nothing to do with the post, except that it is a place I would like to take my mind to right now; a peace-inducing lily-covered pond.

I was going to pick a song randomly, as usual. Then I heard about the maniac in El Paso who fired into a busy store and killed 20 and wounded 20 or more others. It took the wind out of my sails. I started looking for either a song to speak to the actions of the maniac or a song of peace and comfort for the dead, wounded, and their loved ones. No luck. I came across this Pearl Jam song and the title struck me: Strangest Tribe. Humans are the strangest tribe. Having the knowledge and the capacity to collaborate and cooperate with each other for symbiotic survival – but consciously choosing to wage war and commit mass murder.

Unlike the words in the song, this is not a tribe I want to follow.

Lost Dogs is a two-disc compilation album by the American alternative rock band Pearl Jam, released on November 11, 2003 through Epic Records. The album has been certified gold by the RIAA in the United States. Strangest Tribe was originally from the 1999 fan club Christmas single. I found an excellent analysis of the song here.  As I read it, it struck me that learning about the mass murder in El Paso put my heart into the deep freeze of winter.  The Wise Men following the light of the star over the manger got lost I think.

I don’t mean to pick on this song, as it has nothing to do with the shootings.  I’m using it as a vehicle to express what has seized up my heart today.

Its 5 Below.
in evidence.
The winded eves.
and sideways snow.
His eminence.
Has yet to show.

Follow the ageless tide.
Follow the angled light.
Follow the strangest tribe.

Its 6 am.
Youre waiting for.
Youve had yer feast.
Youre wanting more.

Follow the wayward mile.
Follow the distant high.
Follow the strangest tribe.

Follow the ancient stripe.
Follow the angels, try.
Follow the strangest tribe.

Songwriters: Stone C. Gossard


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