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dVerse — mindfulness — While you’re gone…

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“The Soul of the Rose” by John William Waterhouse

Heart to heart, soul to soul talk at ego:
“Take a vaca, go by car, plane, or bus
enjoy it — be kind with our libido.
Leave now, and check in only if you must.
If you insist, resist, I’ll have you trussed!

During the time you’re gone, I’ll be busy:
clearing attic of mick-muck gone dizzy,
smelling flowers, poem-ing the pages,
sanding down edges an itsy-bitsy,
just grooving on life — no boss for a change!”




Linda is the host of dVerse today.Β  Linda says:
I want you to think about the things you do to purify your mind, to put your soul at peace, to ease your heart. To become more MINDFUL.

I am also linking this with the dizain prompt, also for dVerse.

33 thoughts on “dVerse — mindfulness — While you’re gone…

  1. A boss without a vacation is like a cat with a mousetrap on its tail. My wife is in Europe now for a few weeks, and though I miss her, I can be alone without being lonely. Snappy dizain .

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  2. “Gather Ye Rose Buds While Ye May”

    Smiles my Friend and Heaven is only
    As Far Away as When Ego that Old Neo-Cortex
    Driven State goes away Distance Space and Time
    too WHere all that may Be left is a Smile Beyond Infinity
    in A Flow of Eternal Tao Where Dao Reaches Within as SMiLes
    i asked my
    Wife is ‘this’
    Young Woman
    Praying in jest
    Her Reply
    She’s in Heaven…
    Some Men Grab Cats
    other Men Make Cats Smile….
    While they Dance All Volunteer…
    i’m 59 this Young Women is likely
    19 What Age is a Smile my Friend
    What Difference Does a Smile Make now..
    i Say Seize A Smile last it Forever now the
    Second Photo is My Wife at 49 Years-Old at
    Walmart With me While i Public Dance reaching 11,733
    Miles now in 71 Months along with 7.1 Million Words of Free
    Verse Poetry in the Same Number of Months.. Both activities
    Keep me in Flow yes the Tao continuously where i will raise arm slowly
    in stress and the Bio-Feedback practiced for all those Months takes me
    Right Back to Heaven Flow Within.. i told my Wife She’ll Never Age She Believed….
    none of
    the other
    when i was
    Poor in my Twenties did my Friend..
    Audacity to Believe Audacity to Do
    Heaven Now Reality Gathering Ye Rosebuds ’til
    my Ashes Feed the Heat of Earth hopefully in the Winter..
    as it’s really been Hot as Hell in the Panhandle of Florida The Heaven WHere i Live..;)

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