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dVerse — Lost in Translation — Twisted

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“Heaven and Hell” by Sergio Arcos

I am choosing the first poem, by Desanka Maksimović, to interpret. Desanka’s poem:

Migratory Birds

Through night and moisture
wild geese go south
crying in painful glory.

I feel like writing
a dark story:
Them carrying away
on their two white wings
I don’t know where,
I don’t know what
of my soul’s dearest things.


My interpretation:


Warped by foul globe’s spin,
I wail I’m alive even as I bleed out.
My soul travels to new places…
Into a dark crevasse, blind,
Mind twisted vine,
Unsure whether to crawl
Up or down
A dreamless sleep.



Laura is the host of dVerse today.  Laura says:
The Poetics Challenge here is to select ONE of the poems and write your own interpretation – what the poem conjures for you, what personal feelings it touches on. You may want to use the title or make use of some of the words or just try to keep the flavour of the poem.  After all, the originals were not in English – but that is the point – we can get lost in the translation!

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