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#FF — My sister’s husband

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

My Sister’s Husband

I watched their meticulous attempts at reconciliation, knowing at the same time they would fail. As what they had crumbled under the weight of dense, irreducible icons of betrayal and unforgiveness, each turned in click-heel, simultaneous conclusion and walked in opposite directions.

I stood nearby, in love with him forever, warm-hearted; ready, waiting to become more to him than a part of the scenery.

The End.

Rochelle is the gracious host of Friday Fictioneers.

You may wonder what my story has to do with the photo.  I looked at it and made a list of every object then made a list of the symbolism of each object.

57 thoughts on “#FF — My sister’s husband

  1. Wow! Talk about complicated and so very human … Like others in the comments, I hope she finds a way out or her shadows into light and hopefully into happiness, wherever and whomever she can find it with. I do often wonder, in situations like this, about the elusive power of ‘forbidden promise’ that keeps some form of mirage and honeymoon naivete over the love of the one who is pining for the person they cannot have.
    In her case? Who knows …
    Well done, you!

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      1. My pleasure to comment!
        As for human beings – we’re communicative, complex, social animals. I can’t speak for how complex actual life might be for other intelligent mammals, but when it comes for humans, we sure make the most of the social complexity aspect … 😉
        As for messy … I don’t mind messy (most of the time), for it also allows for the and/and of joy and tenderness, compassion and curiosity, anger and love, intimacy and vulnerability, and so many more, to arrive in their myriad salad combinations …
        We’re super interesting, we humans are. What on earth would we tell stories about, otherwise … 😉

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        1. Na’ama I love your comments. You made me think about how mixed media does everything in its power to generate fear and anxiety in the population, while at the same time offering “chemical fixes” for them. We have got to get out of the mindset of avoiding discomfort at all costs. Like you said, messy allows for the full range of emotions in a human experience. Thanks again 🙂

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          1. 🙂 Yay!
            And … yes, the media is both an informer and a distorter, whether it does the latter deliberately or due to the human bias of those who report and the human bias of those who listen/watch/read the reports … People have always been most driven by high emotions, be it compassion/connection/curiosity/empathy or hate/fear/xenophobia/greed/jealousy. It is up to us to recognize what drives us at any given moment, and whether we respond from our baser-selves or higher-selves, to the best of our ability …
            Discomfort is part of living and part of growth and is almost always part of healing. Kind of just part of the human experience, eh?

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  2. Dear Lisa,

    Love your use of the prompt. Quite the triangle going on there. Hopefully her brother-in-law has the same feelings for her. I don’t foresee her having much of a relationship with her sister. Good one.



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  3. A good story and well written, Jade. That would lead to a situation I wouldn’t want to be in for anything. Her sister might never speak to her again. Then the other family members would probably take sides. It would be a real mess. It makes a good story though. 🙂 — Suzanne

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    1. LOL! Great comment, Di, and I agree, even though part of me wishes for her happiness. But the husband is on the rebound and not ready for any new relationship for quite awhile. If she takes it slow, there might be a chance…


    1. It’s a fictional story, but I would imagine the sister would say you don’t know what he’s really like, don’t put yourself through that hell like I did. Thank you for the comment about the tent. Actually the grill is what sparked the story, as I saw her as that grill watching the tent collapse.


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