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Coloring Club Plus — 8/24/19

Aug 24

Aug 24a

Aug 24b

I saw Old Blind Dogs at an Irish Music Festival in the early 2000s and bought this CD at the festival. I’ve been fans of theirs ever since and own their other albums, Wherever Yet May Be (2010) and Room with a View (2017.) They are excellent musicians!

Per wikipedia:
Old Blind Dogs is a Scottish musical group which plays traditional Scottish folk music and Celtic music, with influences from rock, reggae, jazz, blues, and Middle Eastern music rhythms. The three founding members of the band (Ian F. Benzie, Buzzby McMillan and Jonny Hardie) first met during a so-called “buskers’ holiday” in the Scottish Highlands in 1990,and after playing together for the summer decided to call themselves “Old Blind Dogs”. The band have toured extensively, performing in Britain, the USA, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, and Russia.

At the time Old Blind Dogs: Play Live (2004), the band was made up of: Jim Malcolm, Jonny Hardie, Rory Campbell, Fraser Stone (drums, percussion,) and Aaron Jones (bouzouki, bass, backing vocals.)

My selection from this excellent album is The Wisest Fool. It sounds like it is singing about a part of history in the Scottish part of the world, where I am ignorant of what’s going on, but if anyone does know the story, please feel free to educate about in the comments section.

Murray bowed to Charlie, yokin Atholl tae the plou’
O’ the settin sons of Stewart, kings and princes since the Bruce
Rode to Perth to muster all who hailed the Rover King
And wi’ weary work and bluster hewed an army frae his kin

If only the wisest fool
Had bade where he first should rule
If only the wisest fool
Had bade where he first should rule
Henry’s for England, Charles for Spain
Seamus is Alba’s name

Johnny held a tinchel as the crystal turned to steel
And the heroes o’ the Heilans filled Braemar wi’ a’ their zeal
Johnny hummed and hawed, let the loyal Lowlands spile
Back to France the Rover sailed afore the army of Argyll

Clavers slipped the council as they offered Will the crown
Climbed the law to find an army, turned and pulled the Orange down
Though the Heilan’ targes were enough to cow McKay
To the death of Bonnie Dundee loyal men had no reply
Songwriters: MALCOLM JIM

11 thoughts on “Coloring Club Plus — 8/24/19

    1. Thank you very much, Max. I like the new pencils. You can find a lot of their music on youtube. They are so talented. I was surprised there’s only 1 of the original members left in the group as it is today.

      Liked by 1 person

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