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dVerse — tranquility — one day one life amongst the others


one day one life amongst the others

sheltered indoors
plants absorb and dream
wind chasers
whishing outdoors greens

bunnies browse tender
clover green and pink
bees hum away
other blooms to drink

jays and chipmunks
tranquillity’s prose

heads’ billowy roofs
feets’ crunchy paths
we meander between
heaven and earth


Lillian is the host of dVerse today for quadrille Monday.  Lillian says:
[T]he 10th most beautiful word in the English language [is] identified as tranquility. So – that’s the word for today’s Quadrille. You must include the word tranquility, or a form of the word, in a poem of exactly 44 words, sans title.

And if you want to see the entire list of the 70 most beautiful words, go to https://curiosity.com/topics/this-is-the-most-beautiful-word-in-the-english-language-curiosity/

47 thoughts on “dVerse — tranquility — one day one life amongst the others

  1. the highs and the lows, literally….jays and chipmunks, bunnies and bees. And how I love the use of the words inchoate and punctuate on two separate lines like that! 🙂 Just love reading that stanza aloud!

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  2. A strong quadrille, lovely entanglement of inside-out, of the spontaneity of nature, oblivious to those who don’t note it, cherish and celebrate it.

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    1. Thank you, Glenn. It probably sounds weird, but I do wonder what the indoor plants think as they watch their wild brethren play in nature. I can guess what my my indoor cat thinks about being trapped inside, but not them…


  3. Nature moves through space and time independent of our awareness or opinion . Sadly Lisa, we too often meander, sometimes deaf, dumb, and blind to it all — stupid to our responsibility to live in balance with it.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed the walk with nature, which I know you like to do. The critters here are peaceful and the chipmunk chirp can get irritating if they keep it up, which they will if a predator is around. The squirrels are the only ones that get on my nerves, some of them have a hideous cry!


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