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Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, August 28th 2019, waterfall


Dry hard mountain but
its mossy waterfall keeps
it misted and fresh.

A mountain’s tears are
cried for ten thousand years —
even the clouds weep.

Angels ride waterfalls
down mountainsides, hidden
in the morning mist.

Astronauts surprised —
waterfalls look like trickles
on pebbles.

Immortan Joe* laughs;
He’s gated the waterfall
for he and his brides.


Chèvrefeuille is the host of Heeding Haiku with…., who says:
This week I love to challenge you to create a haiku or haibun themed “waterfall”, no restrictions this week … feel free to create.

Waterfall image by:  Salto Del Angelo Venezuela

Immortan Joe is the evil villain in the film Mad Max:  Fury Road.  See a short clip of it here.

13 thoughts on “Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, August 28th 2019, waterfall

  1. I love Fury Road. We have this poster on our wall:
    Although I DO think Max should be in the forefront, not Charlize.
    I’m a HUGE Tom Hardy fan anyway. 🙂 Leave my hubby for him in a split second! 🙂
    Just kidding,.
    Or am I….?
    But the best thing about it, of course, the fact that the director’s in his ’70s and STILL HAS THE MAGIC MOJO. Not too old to do AMAZING action. And so beautiful…………


  2. Agreed on the poster, as it is called MAD MAX: Fury Road. I have loved Tom Hardy since Bronson, even though he looks so radically different than himself in it. I’m sure you’ve seen the “Taboo” series? DAMN is he good in that! You and I might have to tussle over who gets him if it ever comes to that. Agreed on the director. Has he done more movies since Fury Road? I read an excellent article when it came out about how his wife was the film editor and it was her FIRST TIME being a film editor and how much shot footage they had. She did an exceptional job of editing the movie. Switching gears, I just watched a doc called, “Filmworker”, which is all about Stanley Kubrick’s right hand man, Leon Vitale, that was really good. I’m only guessing you like Kubrick…


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