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Trouble in Paradise

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DJ said caller number nine
I speed-dialed the station, ninth on the line
Winner of a trip for two to the tropics
Choice of trip-mate became a hot topic
Jax was da man, so sexy and raw.
Dreamed on the plane of his chiseled jaw
Hawa’ii, like always, perfect time of year
Jax and I in paradise, praise heaven’s sphere!
While getting a mani and pedi that tickled
Jax found a beach bunny who liked popsicles
Hotel rooms should never have knives
As jealousy’s known to end many lives
Ten years in prison is enough to atone
I visit him now at his pink marble gravestone

Fandango’s FOWC is raw, the Word of the Day Challenge is winner, and Paula’s 3 Things Challenge words are popsicle, tropics, gravestone

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10 thoughts on “Trouble in Paradise

    1. A double homicide on her part doesn’t make women angels either. I think humans in general are awful beasts as a complete package. If it wasn’t for our hearts and souls we’d be completely worthless.

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