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dVerse — Art as inspiration — Triller

img_7524art by Beverly Dyer

I heard
his sweet song
stunned by his size
from daybreak to nightfall he trills his heart
he’s a brown-feathered smidge, but call him king
invade his turf
bear his wrath

Mish is the host of today’s dVerse.  Mish introduced is to the very talented artist, Beverly Dyer.  Mish says:
Dverse poets, for this prompt, you are to choose an image of Beverly Dyer’s work which can be found on the various websites listed below. Write a poem of any style inspired by the chosen piece of artwork.




Today’s offering is a double tetractys form poem inspired by Beverly’s lovely watercolor painting.  These tiny titans live around here.  They are extremely territorial.  The past two years they have commandeered the bluebird boxes.  I’m still trying to figure out a peaceful resolution for all.


47 thoughts on “dVerse — Art as inspiration — Triller

  1. LOL. Build another couple of bluebird houses! I started out with two and now I have a dozen. The little bird looks like a Carolina Wren – tiny but mighty of voice! I love these little birds. You have written about the bird in a most effective and engaging way. I am not sure what kind of bird it is but I know it!

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    1. I had one for a long time, now I have 4 — all occupied this year by these birds! I fear adding more houses will increase their population even more. There has to be a way where the bluebirds have space. I love their song and loved them, but now they’ve taken on somewhat of a sinister aspect. I see that slight furrow in the brow of the bird in the painting as well 😉 I appreciate your comment, Toni.


    1. lol. I recently heard babies in a small house hanging from one of the apple trees. I went near to confirm. Hell hath no fury like this tiny bird’s wrath! As beautiful as his song, so as hideous is its warning!

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    1. Wikipedia is so convenient, just looked to see if your blue tit is like our tufted titmouse, and it isn’t, but close. It also said of all of the tits, the blue tit is the only polygynous one of the bunch. Maybe that’s why he has to get cocky. On another note, I’m halfway through the movie, “The Wife”, which is set in Stockholm. Not a lot of closeup shots of the city but at least a few aerial shots. Nice to “see” your city, if only in miniature and in a movie.


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