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Coloring Club Plus — 9/10/19

Sept 10

I listened to Bruce Springsteen’s latest album last night, Western Stars, and was planning on choosing a song from it, but when I got to the song about he (or the subject of the song) chases wild horses down, I had to stop the album. Bruce, man, you let me down here when you decided to write a song about a cruel practice like running wild horses down. What next, a song about factory farms?

Human Touch is the ninth studio album by Bruce Springsteen. The album was released March 31, 1992, the same day as Lucky Town.

Today’s song is All or Nothin at All.


Said you’d give me just a little kiss
And you’d rock me for a little while
Well you’d slip me just a piece of it
Listen up little child
I want it all or nothin’ at all
I want it all or nothin’ at all
Said you’d take me for a little dance
If you had a little time on your hands
Well all I do is push and shove
Just to get a little piece of your love
I want it all or nothin’ at all
I want it all or nothin’ at all

Well now I don’t want to be greedy
But when it comes to love there ain’t no doubt
You just ain’t gonna get what you want
With one foot in and one foot out
You got to give it all or nothin’ at all
All or nothin’ at all

Now I only got a little time
So if you’re gonna change your mind
Then shout out what you’re thinking of
If what you’re thinkin’ of is love
I want it all or nothin’ at all
I want it all or nothin’ at all

Songwriters: Bruce Springsteen

5 thoughts on “Coloring Club Plus — 9/10/19

  1. This brings back a lot of memories. I probably haven’t heard this song since the 90s…I liked this song…I had this album and Lucky Town. I liked some of the songs but this album disappointed me after Tunnel of Love. 57 Channels I like also.

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  2. Funny how songs take you back to where ever you were when you heard them. I bought those albums in the summer of 92 and I was there when I heard it.

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