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Bug-eyed — dVerse OLN

cicada on park path 090919

Autumn’s chance meeting
Eyeing each other, agog
Under cloudy skies




Lillian is the host of dVerse‘ Open Link Night.Β  Linking this to it.

49 thoughts on “Bug-eyed — dVerse OLN

    1. It’s amazing how good my phone camera is. I was surprised to see it on the walking path. Thinking it was dead, I tried to move the critter with a stick but he/she clung to the surface. It’s getting a little chilly here now, so was surprised about that also.

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    1. Yes, Sarah. Not sure what variety this is, but it looks different than the ones I’ve seen around here (this pic was taken about 50 miles from home) and yes it is cool patterning. Not sure if he was alive or not, I touched him with a stick and he clung to the sidewalk so still alive. Thank you on the agog. I imagined him looking back at me πŸ™‚


  1. Image and haiku are perfection. Our Indian Summer clings on, but at night there is a definite Fall chill in the air. The leaves are not turning or dropping yet, but it will happen soon enough I think.

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  2. Hey Lisa β€” Hi poet!. Wanted to let you know I am β€œtemporarily” sightless in my right eye from a retinal disease. It is a struggle fir me to write, but I will still wrote my pieces, going very slowly. Reading at any length is extremely difficult, and causes painful headache β€” so wanted to say thanks for contributing to OLN. But I won’t be able to read what you wrote, yet I wanted to visit. I spent a little time writing this best I could with one eye, i copied it, and I am pasting it in here to say hi. Got an operation coming up in about a week when the infection is down. Hopefully things will get back to normal.thanks, Rob

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    1. Me also. It’s rare that I see them. I have heard if you go out by your trees at night with a flashlight you can see them crawling along. No thanks. These are bugs for the day for me πŸ˜‰


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