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49,000 United Auto Workers are On Strike across the United States

This is what I miss when I stay off the news grid.  Please support our union brethren.  Unions are the only real voice workers have against the Overlords.  They are what stand between us and abject slavery.

Here is a link to what it is looking like across Michigan with the strike:



7 thoughts on “49,000 United Auto Workers are On Strike across the United States

  1. While I think some unions have been too powerful at times, in general they are a much-needed agent in society and it’s a shame they’ve been stripped of so much power & circumnavigated so successfully. My dad was a long-time, loyal Autoworker union member (in the Canadian division, then called, logically, the CAW)

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      1. Thank you.
        I was part of a hiring spurt at a trucking company that doubled their employment back in 1985. Within a year, it became clear we needed a second steward, so I petitioned for it. I put my own name in when I saw that those who were stepping up for an election were either too hot-headed or just not qualified. I won, and within another year the original steward was fired – he was one of those who outsiders would point to as what’s wrong with unions. In fact, what I then realized was that I had been doing all of the work as steward in the previous year and continued to hold the position alone, until the company closed.
        That closing was a result of an investment company buying us out and proceeding to bleed the assets for 5 years before shutting us down.
        I was hired right away at another company, and the steward said he was glad of it because I was going to be his replacement when he retired in a year. I wasn’t too confident of that, since it was a pretty tight group of guys and I felt like an outsider. A year later I was steward again, so apparently my reputation was worth something. I worked there 13 years, 12 as steward, until I retired.

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