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dVerse — Over: Justice’ Arbiter

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I got the text on an ordinary morning, saying he was in jail.
They didn’t know for what only that he showed up on the log.
I called his stepmother to find out the scoop.
She asked, “You didn’t see the headlines?”
“No,” as an invisible hand clenched my throat;
Skittering to the computer, I tapped in the news page.
His face plastered across the screen,
accused of two counts of an unspeakable crime
and being held on a probation violation for his last tantrum.
After arraignment, held on $150K bond that nobody,
sane or insane, would post. “His new girlfriend….”
Deaf at that point, trying to absorb new girlfriend.
“What? What did you say?”
“His new girlfriend is living with him.
All of their electronics were confiscated.
She will take care of his house and bills while he’s locked up.”
The wheels of the justice behemoth creak slowly —
Adjournment after adjournment,
Nightmare after nightmare.
He claims innocence, he was hacked by known pervert neighbors.
Neither parent is interested in retaining an attorney.
I plead with stepmother to give him a chance for justice.
He’s facing life in prison with his priors, one he’s on probation for.
If he’s innocent he needs fair and equitable representation.
They dip into his inheritance and hire a half-assed greenhorn
That they “heard” was good. I know better but I’m not calling the shots.
Months have passed. There’s a schism in my head.
He’s no angel, but this? Not this. Yet shadows upon trust linger.
If it was a wifi hack, no evidence will be found in the devices.
Waffling moment by moment, disbelief with uneasy doubt,
the dreams continue which reverberate through past, present, and future.
A letter arrives, contradicting the trial set for next week,
Saying his sentencing is next month. “What?”
I call the victim witness unit and ask for an explanation.
“He pled to both counts last week so there will be no trial.
He will serve a minimum of 54 months in prison as part of a Cobbs agreement.”
The waiting, the rationalizations, the considerations of another chance,
the overlooking of so many things for the sake of love, is over.



Sarah is the host of dVerse today.  Sarah says:
Tonight, I want you to write a poem of anticipation.

Image link is here but I couldn’t find it at that site…

27 thoughts on “dVerse — Over: Justice’ Arbiter

    1. The (felony) tantrum, yes. They used a PV on his probation for that to jail him until his arraignment on the new charges. It’s been a long road that has finally hit a brick wall.


  1. Sarah is right, there is a cinematic vibe to this piece. It is a complex poem, told with a first person immediacy that makes it feel real. It is good writing no matter if it is fiction or non. It is a big chunk to digest, but you keep us interested and involved.

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  2. That’s some story, Jade, a world so far from my own, but familiar from watching American TV programmes. Your law system seems complicated to me; I had to read your poem twice to appreciate the underlying tragedy of the narrator.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. What has clogged our justice system are things deemed crimes that are more a need for treatment, so in order to keep the system moving, it has been reduced to what it is. Yes it is like a business negotiation, hadn’t looked it it like that before.


  3. kaykuala

    He pled to both counts last week
    so there will be no trial

    A classic case of one who is left alone by loved ones to face the music. Often they just give up rather than to wait. The plea bargain of sorts cleared the cobwebs from their minds which they considered worth the pain. Great line of thought Lisa!


    Liked by 2 people

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