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Coloring Club Plus — 9/24/19

Sept 24

Sept 24a

I listened to The Very Best of Rodney Crowell last night, but the song I’m choosing from it is originally on Rodney’s Fate’s Right Hand album, released July 29, 2003, which was Rodney’s 11th studio album.

The song I chose, Earthbound, was his last charting single.  I love the melody in this and the uplifting message.  This reminds me some of Bruce and some Townes.



I could shed my skin and in the blink of an eye,
I could fly, fly, fly.
Tie my dreams up in a sack and lay my head down on the track,
And die, die, die.
My life’s been so sweet I just can’t stand it.
I must admit I’ve made out like a bandit.

Last night’s conversation with a real good friend of mine,
Drinkin’ wine, wine, wine.
Said fifty years of livin’ and your worst mistakes forgiven,
Just take time, time, time.
One man’s lust for life brings world reknown,
And the next guy can’t get two feet off the ground.
He’s Earthbound.

Earthbound; hear the wind through the tops of the trees.
Earthbound; summer sun nearly ninety degrees.
Earthbound; big ‘ol moon sinkin’ down, think I might stick around.
I’m Earthbound.

I knew love once way back when–she had almond eyes and olive skin,
And long black hair.
She was Irish-Spanish mix-breed, I was southeast Texas hayseed,
We were almost there.
Her daddy did not like my kind around.
The true love took the next train out of town.

Earthbound; where there’s fathers and daughters in pain.
Earthbound; mama’s boy walkin’ home in the rain.
Earthbound; like a ship run aground, think I might stick around.
I’m Earthbound.

With each new day that passes I’m in need of thicker glasses,
But it’s all okay.
Some day I’ll be leavin’, but I just can’t help believin’
That it’s not today. (hey)
Every golden moment I have found I’ve done my best to run right in the ground.

Earthbound; see the sky big and beautiful blue.
Earthbound; fallen angels come calling for you.
Earthbound; keepin’ close to the ground, think I might stick around.
Earthbound; Tom Waits, Aretha Franklin, Mary Karr
Earthbound; Walter Cronkite, Seamus Heaney, Ringo Starr
Earthbound; the Dalai Lama and Charlie Brown make me wanna stick around.
I’m Earthbound.
Songwriters: Rodney Crowell

9 thoughts on “Coloring Club Plus — 9/24/19

  1. Great coloring Lisa… can’t believe it’s been that long since he charted…really good song.

    I’ve always liked Crowell…I want to see that movie or documentary with the footage from the mid-seventies with him and Steve Earle was playing in a house.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Heartworn Highways? I’d like to get a copy of it. I’ve only seen clips so far. As to when Rodney last charted, I’m going by wiki and it may not be correct. I really like this song and video. So uplifting!

      Liked by 1 person

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