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dVerse — Kafka for Kids — Rilly Boo

Meet The Ancient Mysterious Trees Older Than The Pyramids
“I do not see the world at all; I invent it.
–from The Diaries of Franz Kafka, 1910-1923

Rilly Boo was a child who was born without eyes.
But his fingers twice as long.
In his crib, when they saw him, the nurses cried.
Such a shame to be so wrong.

What they didn’t know and couldn’t know
Was that Rilly had special powers.
Although he didn’t know of things that grow
Rilly waved his hands – there were flowers!

Ma and Pa Boo took Rilly home
To meet his brothers and sisters
Their eyes grew big as his were gone
Rilly waved his hands – they grew whiskers!

The puppy and kitten loved Rilly
As he played on the rug with them
Rolled, laughed, yipped, meowed, and were silly
Rilly’s hands waved – each puppy and kitten were ten!

Rilly grew to a man in the night
With hair that was long as the ocean
Ma and Pa and the kids were afright
Rilly laughed, said, “Flying’s my notion.”

Rilly stepped outside to the sky
Waved his hands and the clouds came down
“I must go now, I love you, good-bye.”
Waved his hands, he now wore a crown.

They see him sometimes over the lake
But sometimes he is a tree
Sometimes he’s sunshine, with shiny waves
Rilly is what he wants to be.

Amaya is the host of dVerse today.  Amaya says:
Use one of [the offered] Kafka quotes either directly within or to inspire a children’s storybook/poem.

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52 thoughts on “dVerse — Kafka for Kids — Rilly Boo

  1. I loved this, Lisa. It was Silly, starring Rilly, but you packed an existential punch, getting across a golden message about disability, acceptance, intolerance, and the inexorable power of imagination; Smiling hard.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Amaya, he was meant for more than “the usual” and he was born to be who he was. I’m sorry you feel his actions were whims. Most of all, his family saw him in everything in their world and knew to look for him there.


    1. Bjorn, thank you. Glad you enjoyed the story and now that you mention it, his name is very similar. Maybe used subconsciously? I’m guessing if Rilly had stayed in his current incarnation, he would have suffered a similar fate to Boo.


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