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#FF — Pepperoni Please, No Onions

Warning:  today’s story has a political theme and some violence.  Please feel free to skip this one.

The queue at Styx ferry was lined up around the block.

The committees unanimously decided to impeach; Cheeto barricaded himself in The Spite House and refused to leave.

Day 5: Dominos Delivers couldn’t get through the crowds amassed at the gate. Violence erupted when THEY tried to move US aside; many died. What surprised THEM most was how many of THEM were disarmed by US and Swiss-cheesed with lead. Who knew?

Charon had to borrow extra dinghies to get THEM all across to Hades. Upon boarding, THEY were disappointed to learn that Hades has a “no hats or umbrellas allowed” policy.


Rochelle Wisoff-Fields is the effervescent host of Friday Fictioneers.

43 thoughts on “#FF — Pepperoni Please, No Onions

  1. We have devolved into an “us” verses “them” society. If we ever really we’re a united states. Obama blew some early chances to make real change trying to mend that. Cheeto took that shit to a whole new level.

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    1. I think things are falling into place for a plot that started way back in the Dubya years, starting with blaming Iraq for the Twin Towers attacks. Have you seen the movie, “Vice” yet? If I was an investigative journalist I’d be interested in knowing what Cheney’s up to these days…

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