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dVerse — metaphor — A Tale of Two Chickens

Shoson Ohara: Rooster, Hen and Chicks - Japanese Art Open Database

A Tale of Two Chickens

A small hut set high at the foot of Tien
Sheltered Lu, his wife, Li, and their infant, Shenyen
They fished, they grew rice, ate eggs from their hens.
Days of labor met nights with sweet song winter wren

Chickens’ ways varied if in or out of their pen.
When in, each hen favored nests and roosters
Out, hens switched nests and were chased by all suitors
Nests filled with eggs and the humans ate well.

One winter’s midnight, attacked by a cougar
Scattered the flock, some escaped, some did not
Mimi and Oso flew ’til they found a dark spot
Li and Lu’s winter blue there were fewer

Fluffed in cave’s corner, not frozen, not hot
Mimi and Osho pecked scraps from the bone
Piles left by grizzly in between stones
From chaff blown in made a cozy spot

New life, new ways was what they now owned
And from these things, new life was made in fresh eggs
Mimi crooned, was at peace, and dreamed of nutmeg
Oso’s talons grew sharper, protective skills honed

Then it began, chicks hatched without end
Peep fuzzies, morning sun’s warmer weather
By the thaw all dozen had feathers
Loved by their parents, learned light was a friend.

Spring on the mountain brought bees with the heather
Chicks learned tasty food played in the sun
Now in the open they learned how to run
As they traveled Tien together


Bjorn is the host of dVerse today.  Bjorn says:
[T]oday I want you to invent new metaphors, try to surprise, combine them and paint your emotions or feelings in the you like (which is actually a cliche in itself). Do not hesitate to make them complex.

The poem is quatrain form with an envelope rhyme scheme of abba, bccb, cddc, deed, etc.

Image:  “Rooster, Hen and Chicks” by Shoson Ohara

60 thoughts on “dVerse — metaphor — A Tale of Two Chickens

  1. Oh what happened is this…with me its always complicated! I couldn’t post to any one’s blog…I grabbed yours by mistake and it went through…now I’m able to post comments anywhere. Your blog fixed me lol. Sorry

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      1. I know…thank you
        Speaking of WP…dang block format. I’m starting a new blog just about baseball (talkingaboutbaseball.com)…and guess what? You have to use the block…no choice anymore when you start new… In a couple of years we will have no choice….I had to vent

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        1. You’re welcome. Oh really? Ugh! Well you have a jump on it being a geek and all. I will know who to ask for assistance when that forced switch comes to all WP blogs. Congrats on starting another blog, Max! Don’t be offended if I don’t follow it, ok?

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              1. lol
                It’s probably foolish because I do everything I can to keep mine going but…there is some stuff that would not go over in powerpop…like why I like the prospects of the Dodgers…so I’m trying it. Just a post every now and then.

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                1. Good for you! I’m probably not continuing the coloring into 2020. I’ve enjoyed the year of coloring, but I want to invest that time in other art or writing. I’m planning on entering a local writing contest where one of the money prizes is $500, and runner-ups get published in an anthology.

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                  1. I’ll miss it and the music selections that go with it also… but that is cool! You need to Lisa…just keep at it. You very well could win…getting published is what it’s all about.

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                    1. One of the conditions of the contest is that it cannot be published anywhere for the first year. AND they hold half of the publishing rights (but say they won’t try to publish for profit). I don’t understand all that, but if I can earn $500 for a story, I’ll take it, even if they keep 1/2 publishing right.

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                    2. The most important thing is you could use it in a portfolio to show other magazines or whatever to publish more and get known…yea the 500 is not bad either!

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                    3. I’ve read a couple of good interviews with him recently. Him getting clean since his divorce has been good for him. I believe a lot of what he says in this movie isn’t just lines from a script. If you see it, you’ll know what I mean.

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  2. I love this storytelling, and the building of a family like this works well… it made me think of Aesop and his fables…. I was almost expecting a concluding stanza telling us the lessons to be learned from the tale, in which case the story in itself is a metaphor for something larger.

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  3. I really liked this – I’m a sucker for a good story – there’s that problematic word good again! Applied to story aside from the elements of craft good, for me, means a tale embedded with some sort of wisdom. This one has all kinds of lessons about embracing change, not fearing the wild, adapting to new circumstances with a good attitude. On top of that you’ve somehow captured the colors of that Chineses painting with your imagery – there’s a softness to the piece, even though you speak of grizzlies, cougars and bones, that reflects those soft yet vibrant yellows, greens and reds.

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