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#FF — Celluloid Truth


Mom’s 90th birthday was approaching. Us “kids,” now in our 60’s and 70’s, decided assisted living was imminent. It took blood, sweat, and tears to get Mom’s acceptance. She called and said, “June, I’m going through pictures. Come over and get some.”

I arrived at the appointed time. One by one, she chose for me, identifying each, then handing them over, where I put them in a basket. When filled, I noticed there were no pictures of me in there.

Mom, where are the pictures of me?”

She paused for a moment, then said, “Your mother has them.”

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48 thoughts on “#FF — Celluloid Truth

  1. Wow a shocker ending…. I have a friend who told me his grandmother was in her 80’s and her older sister told he the family secret that she didn’t know- that her mother- wasn’t her mom. She never got over it. Why at that point in the game other than spite would a person do that?

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  2. Wow. What an ending twist. At that point, I would have dropped the picture box. Mom certainly could keep a secret. A little too long though. I’m wondering what the other “kids” knew about it. A great story, Lisa. 🙂 — Suzanne

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  3. I have a friend in her 50’s whose uncle just informed her that the man she had always known as her father—wasn’t. She was completely gobsmacked. But I pointed out to her that this information will not change her life in any way, and her memories are her truth.

    So why did her uncle do that? Don’t know.

    Your story really rang true for me, but I’d rather attribute that slam-dunk ending to Alzheimer’s 🙂

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