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dVerse — story poem in senses — Yeah Yeah Yeah!

Image result for beatles played at the cavern

Mist of Aqua-Net
Passion by Elizabeth Taylor
24-hour powdered Ban

“Ground floor, miss?”

Click click click
street sizzles
creaking door

click click click
echoes deepen

dank air
hair crème

dum dum dum
dum dum dum

trap drum
sisssss boooom sisssss

la la la la la!

Leather rubbing leather
warm bodies
thick air

Pheromone stew
Body parts thumping

Hand reaching out
Shellac beehive rising
Knees weak

Sweat steaming
Heavy heaving
Sweet lips
Falling into
Brown eyes

Hand firm around waist
Warm breath
Sweet mouth
Hand leading towards shadows…



Sarah is today’s host of dVerse.  Sarah says:
I want you to write a poem that tells a story or shows a character just in the things they’ve sensed.  You can use your own experiences, or your imagination; you can keep it real or venture into the realms of fantasy; you can keep it past, present or future – the choice is yours.

graphic:  The Beatles, playing at The Cavern

Not all of the setting is factual.  The Fab 4 didn’t wear leather and neither did their fans.  Passion perfume didn’t hit the market until 1988 and not sure when Ban or Aqua-Net did.  I told this with The Cavern in mind but there was no good video footage of them performing there so I picked a youtube of them performing at the ABC Cinema in Manchester in 1963.  And of course, getting pulled up on stage by George, then led away is a pure fantasy of mine.


40 thoughts on “dVerse — story poem in senses — Yeah Yeah Yeah!

    1. Thanks, Linda. Their music stands the test of time. And can you tell, George is my favorite? I watched “Living in the Material World” by Scorcese a month or so ago and fell in love with them all over again.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. From Sinatra’s bobby-soxers to Elvis’ adoring hordes, to the Beatles’ screaming girls–this manic hormone jam is/was fantastic. You nudged several senses on your FAB4ulous trip; thanks for taking us along.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. They did wear leather…up until Mr. Epstein cleaned them up. In the Cavern and in Hamburg until…I want to say sometime in 62…one of their styles.
    If you get to go in that machine…make a good video for us.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. they did???? Cool. I could have sworn I saw a pic of them all in leather somewhere but didn’t see any today. Maybe I have already been there? Isn’t that a twisty biscuit? If I do go (back) I will make a good video, promise.

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      1. Yes they did so you were right to begin with!
        Ok… break the time travel rules and make it good.

        Just google beatles in leather and you will get a bunch of hits. I would have sent a link but it would have sent me to spam prison

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  3. I was only seven in 1963, but I remember the first time I saw The Beatles on the television and being starstruck when my mother’s cousin told me she was running one of their many fan clubs. She also once danced with Ringo! From what I know, you’ve captured the atmosphere perfectly, Jade. The use of the repeated ‘click click click’ is very effective, as they were photographed constantly, and the short lines give the poem a very sixties flavour. I love the ending!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So awesome! As I had to confirm George’s eyes were (dark) brown yesterday, I learned that Ringo was the only blue-eyed Beatle. Ringo seemed like the diplomat of the group. Cuter ‘n a bug’s ear also 🙂


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