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Trumpism is a New Religion — petersironwood

Excellent essay that helps put Trumpism in context.  It was written back in 2017 but it is as relevant today as it was then.


(This blog post is a temporary departure from Schooled Haze and contemplations of AI/HCI). Trumpism is less a political offshoot of Republicanism than it is a new religion, at least for a substantial number of Trump supporters. I keep seeing posts from various liberal friends recounting nasty infantile things that Trump has done or said […]

via Trumpism is a New Religion — petersironwood

2 thoughts on “Trumpism is a New Religion — petersironwood

  1. An interesting article! Many want to blame everything on trump, but your author said it best in the last paragraph: “Our entire society needs to become more patient, less greedy, more cooperative, less competitive in matters that don’t require competition, more accepting and less self-righteous”

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