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Coloring Club Plus — 11/15/19

Nov 15

The Celtic Circle was released October 7, 2003 by Windham Hill. There are 31 tracks on the 2 album set. I only got through the first disc today.

Chris Nickson at allmusic.com says about this album:
The term “Celtic” covers a broad sweep of music, from the traditional to new age, and this compilation seems intended to offer selections from all areas — though with a slight emphasis on the new age end rather than music with a deep history. To that end, there are plenty of sweeping synthesizer chords, aching vocals, and rich, ethereal harmonies, and material from Clannad — which, after all, helped pioneer that end of the genre. But, to be fair, there’s also Alan Stivell, the Chieftains with Sinéad O’Connor, and Anuna to hold up the other end, which they do very well. But nothing can really explain the inclusion of Vangelis or Sarah McLachlan, or “The Fellowship of the Ring Suite” and “Hedwig’s Theme” — at least “Braveheart Trilogy” makes sense under the circumstances. And one can only assume the producers couldn’t license Enya’s original of “May It Be,” settling for a cover version instead. However, it’s impossible to condemn this set since, just as you are about to despair, something more rooted to tradition arrives to redeem it. So it could be worse — but it could be better, too. A mixed bag, trying to be all things Celtic to all people. Unfortunately, that can never work completely — and here it definitely doesn’t.

Factory Girl” by The Chieftains with Sinead O’Connor originally appeared Tears of Stone, released on February 2, 1999. Each track features a different female guest artist or group, with the exception of Jim Corr of the Corrs, Jimmy and John of The Rankins and longtime Bonnie Raitt bassist James Hutchinson. Factory Girl is a traditional song that has also been performed by The Roches, Margaret Barry, Rhiannon Giddens, and Eric Burdon.

As I went out walking one fine summer morning
The birds in the bushes did whistle and sing
The lads and the lasses in couples were courtin’
Going back to the factory their work to begin

He spied one among them, she was fairer then many
Her cheeks like the red rose that blooms in the spring
Her hair like the lily that grows in Yon’ valley
She was only a hard-working factory girl

He sat soft beside her, more closely to view her
She says, “My young man, don’t stare me so
I gold in my pocket and silver as well
No more will I answer that factory call”
Songwriters: Paddy Moloney

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